Monday, 30 July 2018

What things are checked during your EPC survey?

During the survey we will need to access all of the rooms in the property including the garage if it is integral to the house.
We are interested in the following areas;

  1. The construction of your walls, are they solid, cavity, stone or timber frame
  2. How the walls are insulated, is there cavity wall insulation or external wall insulation
  3. The depth of any roof insulation in the loft, if you have one
  4. How many windows and, if any are double glazed and draught proofed
  5. The number of open fireplaces, if any
  6. The make and model of the boiler and whether it is mains gas, LPG, oil or electric
  7. Any renewable energy systems such as solar panels
  8. The number of light bulbs and how any are low energy light bulbs
  9. Documentation relating to any extensions if applicable
  10. Insulation warranties and/or guarantees
  11. Electricity and Gas Meters
  12. The hot water tank, if you have one

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